Meddix Cosmetic Products

Meddix is a company specialized in the production of organic cosmetic argan oil, it’s obtained by cold pressure from argan almonds carefully selected from organic farming. Contact us!

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Meddix Company proudly presents the cutting edge cosmetic products, which are all organic and vegan friendly. We are honored to assure you our highly experienced team members including the best dermatologists and Pharmacy doctors have designed our unique product’s Formulas in the most modern technical labs based in United Kingdom.
Our multiple award winning cosmetic products are Argan oil based. The main purpose of our clinical proven serums is to enhance your natural beauty without any needs to use toxic Botox and dermal filler injections nor expensive surgeries, which might end with lifetime regretful results. OPSERUM products have no hidden harmful chemical ingredients. They contain natural based essential oils such as organic Argan oil, with high concentration of active ingredients certified by CERTISYS (Belgian certification organisation).

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