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August 5, 2019
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(Ginseng, Royal jelly and Gold)

Some usages of Opserum face and body powder mask product:

  • In combination usage with steamer/ Ozone steamer

  • During desincrustation of hydrodermy device

  • In combination usage with skin cleansing devices and products

  • Before face Make-up

  • Before performing microdermabrasion

  • Before performing all types of chemical peeling

  • Before applying all types of non-injection meotherapy products (topical)

  • Before applying all types of injection meotherapy products

  • Before variety of face and body massages

  • Before performing Face and body RF therapy

  • Before applying topical combination products like lotions, tonics, creams and etc.

  • Before performing endermology

  • After doing or removing skin tattoos

  • Before performing derma-rolling

  • Before performing Microneedling

  • Before warm or cold wet towels

  • Applying during or after a steam sauna

  • Applying during or after a dry sauna

  • Before doing subcision

  • Before applying topical nutrients skin products such as protein creams, vitamins, anti-wrinkles, anti-pigmentations, strengthening, hydrating, lifting, skin open pores eliminating, softening, …

  • Before performing face & body faradic therapy (electrical pulses with pads, ultrasound and etc.)

  • Attention: This mask can be applied to all types of skin, including oily, dry and complex


General points for all OPSERUM powder masks:

–  All OPSERUM powder masks can be applied to face and limbs for all skin types.

–  All OPSERUM powder masks can be applied to all skin types such as dry and oily skins.

– Do not apply OPSERUM powder masks in mucosal areas.

OPSERUM powder masks can be applied for men and women.

– All OPSERUM  products are free from any hormone, corticosteroid and essence.

– All booster OPSERUM masks have lifting and strengthening effects due to large amount of gold particles.

— All the formulas of OPSERUM powder masks are completely exclusive and confidential which prepared by experienced formulators of the MEDDIX company and these products are made from the best raw materials with the highest quantity and quality.

-By just one time applying of any OPSERUM powder masks, you will experience the high quality of them by yourself.

– You only need to apply, only one time from each of the OPSERUM powder masks to experience high quality of them on your own.

– After applying any of the OPSERUM powder masks, it is highly recommended that to apply other OPSERUM products such as Non-injection mesotherapy products, serums or fast products/ 3 steps.


GOLDEN PANSY powder mask is very useful for low energy, weak and brittle skins.

GOLDEN PANSY powder mask makes strengthen skin with strong nutrition.

GOLDEN PANSY powder mask is very useful for the skin that is affected by hormonal problems.

GOLDEN PANSY Powder Mask is useful for women during the menstruation period as well as postmenopausal women because of its extracts like ginseng, nutmeg and olibanum which are kind of energizing and invigorating substances. Pansy powder mask also makes skin lifting and skin strengthening as well as skin cleansing.

A large amount of the Royal Jelly in GOLDEN PANCY powder Mask makes strengthening and freshness of weak and fragile skin.

– People who are in diet and exercise for decreasing body size, body firming and weight loss should apply the GOLDEN PANSY powder mask twice a week.

– After applying the GOLDEN PANSY powder mask, the use of Non-injection mesotherapy products, serums or fast products /3 steps of OPSERUM is recommended.

– Gold Particles in GOLDEN PANSY Powder Mask makes skin lifting and firmness.

Active ingredients powder for “Protein Nutritious Powder Mask”

Product Effects:

Anti-aging, Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-bacterial, Skin Cleansing, skin peeler, Strong skin nutrition, Reduction of wrinkles and improving skin lifting, Removing pigmentation and black head pores, Deep skin hydration, skin shining, skin softness, Controlling skin PH, Controlling skin sebum secretion, Reducing skin redness, Reducing skin inflammation and Reducing acne spots.

Skin preparation for the following procedures:

Non-injection mesotherapy, Injection mesotherapy, Microdermabrasion, Micro-needling, Peeling, Hydrotherapy, Vitamin therapy, Collagen therapy, Massage and Makeup.


More than 100 constituents of nano micro mineral powder and plant nutrients such as:

Nano micro gold powder, Nano micro ginseng powder, Nano micro pearl powder, Nano micro royal jelly powder, Nano micro moss powder, Nano micro orchidaceae powder, Nano micro walnut powder, Nano micro argan powder, Nano micro pea powder, Nano micro magnesium carbonate powder and Nano micro centella asiatica powder.

How to prepare the Powder mask:

Mix the equal amount of active ingredient powder mask and mask nourishing powder base together, then add some liquids, such as: vinegar, lemon juice, natural juices or vegetable juices to make the nutritious powder mask ready.

Direction for Use:

After preparation the nutritious powder mask, apply it on the face, neck or any other part of the body by face brush and massage it gently.

Please keep waiting for 30 minutes and wash the nutritious mask with warm water then apply strong nutritious moisturizers on area.


Please apply the nutritious mask one or two times a week

Please make the mask ready just for one time usage.

Please complete the product usage period.


Never use this active ingredients powder mask, alone.

Do not apply this active ingredients powder mask on mucous membranes.

Please tightly closed container lid, after consumption.


This product is free from any preservatives, essences, dye, hydroquinone, paraben and corticosteroid.

Do not store above 30 ° C.

Keep the product in dry place and away from light.

Keep this product away from the reach of the children.

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