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June 21, 2019
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Eyelashes Booster

Some usages of Opserum non-injection (topical) eyelashes Meso product:

  • Applying on eyelashes

  • Applying before eyelashes strengthening products

  • Preventing and decreasing eyelashes loss

  • Strengthening the eyelashes follicles

  • Strengthening and thickening eyelashes stems

  • Maintaining the quality of the eyelashes stems and eyelashes follicles

  • Preventing and decreasing weakness of eyelashes stems and eyelashes follicles

  • In the production of special topical combination products for strengthening the eyelashes like lotion, tonics, creams and etc.

  • In the production of eyelashes strengthening combination products like Serums, Tonic, creams, etc.

  • In the production of 3 steps products

  • Applying topically, several weeks before natural eyelashes

  • Applying topically, two weeks after natural eyebrows transplantation in consultation with physician

  • and more….


General Product View:

It is effective for strengthening of eyelashes follicles, thickening, darkening and growth promotion of eyelashes stems.


A collection of more than 50 active ingredients of nano concentrate extracts such as:

Hydrolyzed Nano Proteins of Peas, Violets, Carrots, Hazelnuts & Quinoa.

Direction for Use:

It is highly recommended that add 5 to 10 cc of highly concentrated active ingredient solution to 100 cc of special nutrient base (Eyelashes booster Nutrient Base)and gently stir them together, take a small amount of solution on the tip of your index finger and rub it on the eyelashes, 3 times a day and gently massage.


It is highly recommended that complete at least one therapeutic cycle with this product, it is good to know, applying this nutrient product, always improving the eyelashes follicles strengthening and thickening.


Please shake it well before applying.

Please only apply on clean skin.


This product is only for topical use.

This product is free from any preservatives, essences, mineral oil, dye, silicone, emulsifier, paraben and corticosteroid.

Do not keep the product in place with more than 30 degrees in temperature

Avoid the freezing of the product.

Do not apply active solution alone.

Keep this product away from the reach of the children.

close the container/ bottle lid tightly after use.

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