Skin Anti-Wrinkle
Skin Anti-Wrinkle
June 14, 2019
Nano Miracle Massage Oil
Nano Miracle Massage Oil
June 14, 2019
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Female Anti-Hair Loss

General Product View :

This product is effective for the regeneration, growth and strengthening of female hair follicles. Protecting, strengthening, thickening, revitalizing, restoration, and growth of women hair follicles, Plus decreasing the hair oxidation process and natural hair color changing in women.
Active Ingredients :


 Ingredients :

  • Minerals: Calcium-Zinc-Copper-Iron-Magnesium
  • Vitamins: D-E-A B5 – B8 – Hyaluronic Acid 1% – Acetyl tetrapeptide
  • Extracts: Cocoa – Garlic – Goshen – Viola – Peas – Ginger – Evening primrose – Cedar – Coffee – Jojoba – Bitter Almond – Rice Bran

Directions for Use :

This product can be used in solo or in combination with other treatments either for hair loss, or enhancing hair growth.

The first method:

Every other night, Apply 2 to 3 cc of product on scalp (fully cover area)

The second method:

It is suggested to enhance hair bulbs growth, and to get the best completed treatment process, apply this product as the following:

  • After Scalp Massage
  • During or After Scalp Meso injection
  • During or After Scalp Galvanic therapy
  • During or After Scalp IR therapy

Useable for face, neck and body skin.

It is possible to apply some of the oil with cotton on face and neck skin to clean cosmetics, and others by rubbing.

Shake well before usage.

 Caution :

Never massage the hair when using the product.

It is Flammable, so Avoid heat and flame.

Safety :
Free of parabens, alcohol, colorants

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