10% Modified T.C.A + 20% Organic A.H.As
November 29, 2019
(CODE:12) 25% Modified T.C.A + 10% Organic A.H.As + 10% Organic B.H.A
November 29, 2019
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(CODE:11) 20% Modified T.C.A + 25% Organic A.H.As

In the base of all peeling products uses 6 times distilled water, ocean algae mucilage, vitamin E and vitamin D, which reduces skin reaction, prevents dry skin and promote rapid healing of skin following invasive peeling. Unlike many other brands, in the production of all peeling products, the pure powder of natural acids with a purity of 99.99% is used.

All peeling products are formulated and manufactured by professional peeling laboratories under the supervision of professional doctors in this field and in production, MEDDIX company uses Base self-made products with adding the best natural raw materials.

MEDDIX supplies formulations, raw materials, solvents, and its self-made base, plus manufacturing and packaging of peeling products in its well-equipped laboratories and factory under the supervision of professional doctors.

Researchers of MEDDIX have been trying hard to make the best formulations which have no inflammation, burning and pigmentation after the skin peeling, moreover, this procedure does not need any special home care, as well as, it would be a comfortable procedure not only for the professional users, but also their patients.

MEDDIX is always grateful to all the professors and researchers who have helped to formulate and produce the best peeling compounds and also we appreciate their strong and scientific background.

All peeling compounds are formulated and manufactured in our special company laboratory by professional personals and we neither use the synthetic raw materials, nor non-professionals in producing of our special peeling products.


General Product View:

The type and quantity of all types of organic alpha hydroxy acids and Modified T.C.A , used in this strong peeling formulation, has been adjusted to easily reduce and remove fine skin wrinkles, acne spots, freckles, ageing spots or post inflammatory hyperpigmentations created by microdermabrasion, dermabrasion, microneedling, solarium, lasers and so on, in all skin types. This peeling solution is effective in regulating the amount of sebum secretion, hydration, stimulation of collagen synthesis, rejuvenation, firming, regeneration, lifting, eliminating & cleaning of open skin pores, softness, transparency, brightness, silken and shining of skin.

Active ingredients:

In the formulation of this peeling solution have been used:

Organic Alpha Hydroxy Acids ( A.H.As): Lactic acid, Tartaric acid, Citric acid, Malic acid.

Modified Trichloroacetic acid.

Also in the compounds of this unique formulation have been used: Palmitic acid, Alpha Arbutin,  Alpha Bisabolol and Hyaluronic acid.

Direction for Use:

This peeling solution is ready for use and does not require adding any other additive or solution and Do not combine this peeling solution with any other product.

This product should be applied under the supervision of the physician, and it should be rubbed gently on the cleaned skin and waiting till the proper skin reaction appears, then it should be removed from skin surface by the proper neutralizing agent. The number of treatment sessions and their intervals are fully based on the physician point of view.


This product is only for topical use (Non-injection).

This product is not for drinking or eating.

Do not apply this solution on the eyelids, open wounded, scratched skin, sunburned skin and mucous membranes.

Do not apply this solution on skin patients who suffer from active chicken pox, herpes, cutaneous leishmaniasis, and any types of immunodeficiency disorders.

This solution is not suitable for children and individuals who suffer from seborrheic dermatitis, eczema and allergies.

Please close lid bottle and keep it in cool place and away from light.

Please use sterile distilled water as neutralizing agent.


Keep away from the reach of the children and non-professional people.

Invasive peeling solutions are only designed for professional people who know how to do this beautiful and amazing process

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