Strengthen Eyebrow and Eyelashes Serum
Strengthen Eyebrow and Eyelashes Serum
June 14, 2019
Strengthen Nail Serum
Strengthen Nail Serum
June 14, 2019
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Strengthen Hair Follicles and Anti-Hair Loss Serum

General Product View :

Designed for strengthen, thicken, tighten, and growth hair follicles and reinforcement of hair bulbs to prevent hair loss, Balance of scalp PH and oil and keratinize of hair root. It smooth damaged cuticle and eliminates split ends and fizziness, leaving hair softer, smoother and more manageable.
it is absolutely recommended for applying this nano oily mode on hair follicles.

Active Ingredients :

Argan, Rosemary, Horse tail, Vitamin H&B


Ingredients :

Bitter almond oil, Coffee, Cocoa, Caster oil, Camomile, Orange, Henna, Cedar, Violets, Argan, Rosemary, Horse tail, Sesame, Germ oil extract, Rice bran oil, Flax, Maghrib flower, Thyme, Yarrow, Puneh, Safflower, Green Peas, Peppermint, Sweetheart, Garlic, Fenugreek, Nettle, Hoffaria, Vitamin H&B, and Glycolic acid.

Directions for Use :

Apply 3 to 5 cc on scalp and hair Follicles at night and Gently massage, plus 2 to 3 times a week, Wash with booster Shampoo daily or 3 to 4 times a week.

For maintenance therapy, after one treatment course, apply the product weekly.

Shake well before usage.

It is safe for using by Galvanic device.

Caution :
This nano oil product is not suitable for sensitive, open wounded, burnt, and stitched skin and Keep out of the reach of children.

it is Flammable, so Avoid heat and flame.

Safety :

Free of parabens, alcohol, colorants

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